Garrett Fujiwara • MBA

Client Advisor

Garrett in three words: Authentic. Compassionate. Insightful.


Garrett brings a passion for service to Joslin Capital Advisors. He is meticulous as he gathers, organizes and synthesizes client data with the goal of helping our clients manage their finances and plan for their future. He works closely with both our clients and advisors to provide information that leads to smart financial decisions. With his problem-solving skills, he wastes no time looking for and finding solutions to the sometimes complex issues that can accompany investments, financial planning and taxes.


Garrett is an adventurer with a good heart. The oldest of four siblings, he was the first to break away from his home in Washington state for sunshine and higher education in California. In his final year at college, he was awarded “Most Outstanding Senior” of the social science department. He pushed on to gain his MBA, and while most MBA-graduates get busy trying to land a position that might maximize their earning potential, Garrett set out for social good. He packed up and left for Rwanda, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of a microenterprise development organization that was created to help the poor understand basic financial management. This is a surprise to no one given his passion for using his skills for others. He is quick to credit his parents for showing him how to live with character and integrity.


After a full day of going to bat for his clients, Garrett heads home to his family - his wife, Rachael, their young son and baby daughter. He enjoys playing tennis, Ultimate Frisbee and attending sporting events and concerts. His dream is to one day travel to all seven continents.




We’ve Got Your Back




How Garrett Has Your Back

Having someone’s back means having their best interests at the forefront

of every action. And I do this every day for our clients. Whether something is initiated by the client, or by our staff, there is never any doubt that the motive is that of providing the best service or offering the full range of available options.


When it comes to your wealth, you deserve a listening ear and undivided attention.