Becky Larsen

Communications Specialist

Becky in three words: Caring. Imaginative. Discerning.


Becky loves a neatly turned phrase. A fitting word. A clearly written sentence. As Communications Specialist for Joslin Capital, she works with advisors to send clearly written communications to our clients that keep them informed about financial and firm news. This can be a tricky task because the financial world is filled with complicated jargon. Becky’s goal is that our firm’s communications can be understood by all. She also manages our client events and website. Among what she considers one of her top priorities is making sure our clients are warmly welcomed when they visit - and that they have a good cup of coffee.


Outside the office, Becky likes to curl up with a good book that has the required happy ending. She loves to explore small towns with old homes, museums and bakeries, as well as cook, camp, hike and kayak with her husband and daughters. Of course, she also enjoys writing and decorating as well - HGTV is her favorite channel, after public television. And, if you have a burning need for answers to life’s questions, she just might be the one to ask because she has a graduate degree in theology.

We’ve Got Your Back


How Becky Has Your Back

When our clients call or visit, for me everything else stops.

They become the most important person in the room. Whatever they need becomes my focus. Questions answered? A meeting arranged? A cup of coffee? I’m on it.


When it comes to your wealth, you deserve a listening ear and undivided attention.