Jeremy Verke

Client Relationship Associate

Jeremy in three words: Enterprising. Bright. Unassuming.


Outside the box. That’s Jeremy.  As the newest member of our team, Jeremy brings a bright curiosity to his job, where he’s always thinking and asking questions, digging deep to find answers to all kinds of issues. He puts that passion to work for our clients, researching investment strategies and retirement solutions. But issues alone don’t capture his interest.  Jeremy likes people. In fact, talking with people probably tops his list of favorite-things-to-do.  He believes everyone has a story to tell – and he would like to hear it.


Jeremy’s passion (and aptitude) for learning is the reason why he graduated from Azusa Pacific University Honors College with two BA degrees - one in Economics and one in English Literature. Not one to let grass grow under his feet, he also took on the roles of school tour guide, honors college admissions intern, resident advisor and student government senator.


After college, Jeremy went to work for a large financial advisory firm in Los Angeles. On the side he founded a small coffee shop with friends. Both experiences fueled his knowledge and interest in the world of finance and investment.

In his free time, Jeremy likes to read, play board games, woodwork, find the best restaurants in town, and work on anything with an engine. He is also an avid outdoorsman—but, only in the summer. A California native, Jeremy has yet to adapt to the cooler temperatures of the Pacific Northwest and frequently wears his down coat at work.




We’ve Got Your Back


How Jeremy Has Your Back

Technology is my passion. If I can streamline things and make them quicker and simpler for our clients, then I’m a happy guy.


When it comes to your wealth, you deserve a listening ear and undivided attention.